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Mountain Desert District YRUU's Journal

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

8:20AM - some young adult solidarity

Hey everybody,

So my name's Clay. I'm actually a young adult (23) so if you want me out of the community I'll totally respect it. Just give me the word. I stumbled across this community cuz us young adults just had a meeting and decided that we really suck at being a place for YRUUers to bridge to. We also think that y'all have some great skills which we would love to learn and use in our movement. So we've formed a fancy youth sub-committee. I'm on it. The point is start networking more. If you have some ideas or tips for us YAs we want to hear them.

I was really active in YRUU when I was in high school. You may even know my siblings, Vernon and Eleanor (formerly known as Jake or JDEW). I've talked to a few of you about disempowerment and definitely empathize. It was a constant battle for us to be taken seriously and it sounds like matters are much worse then they were when I was around.

The CONstitution sounds like a great idea. I'm also glad to hear that people are talking about accountability with Kathy. If there's any way that I or others can support you let us know. Also, at this meeting we had I actually brought up the idea of either leading or helping someone else lead a "Know Your Rights" training at a Leadership Development Conference or just a regular CON. Is that something people would be into?

I think we young adults could be really good allies at CONs and that if you'd like us to be.

up the kids! off the squares!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1:47PM - i wrote a poem to believe in love

heart beats faster
sparks fly at every touch
warmth enfuses my bones
moments freeze in time
crisp & clear
to stay within my mind
so that i can take
the sparkling memory
and admire
and siigh
and turn in my sleep for your touch
wake up alone
but with my skin still tingling
and the taste of you in my mouth
your presence haunts me
as i try to dream
of those eyes, my spirits always flutter
because you have me wholly entrapped

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


ATTN All UU's and Con-Goers and Ex Con-Goers...

I am writing an essay for my English AP class on the effects of the alleged rape that occurred at the Bridging Con 3 years ago. I'd like to hear your ideas on what you think effects of this event were. Because of our limited knowledge on the incident, I'd like to hear an array of opinions so I can be as accurate as possible. I'd like to ask you to keep your emotions to a minimum, I need as much factual information as possible. Also, I'm not asking for your own essay, so just a sentence or so would do, anything helps.
(Raissa if you read this, I'd love to hear from you as well because if I remember correctly you were there at the time.)

P.S. I plan on continuing work on this essay after it is due in my class and sending it to the MDD in hopes of shedding light on the youth's perspective of said effects. Unfortunately, Mr. Granbery is going to get the not-so-good version of this essay due to his complete failure of setting a due date.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

11:02AM - WUUKY

Hi everybody,
WUUKY starts less than a week from now, but there are still spots!
If you are interested in a week long YRUU con think you can make it, head over to http://www.wuuky.org for more info. You need to register nownownow if you haven't yet!
Who: UU youth (12-22) and adult advisors (25+) from mostly PNWD, PCD, PSWD, and MDD
When: July 4-9
Where: Mendocino Woodlands in beautiful CA!

WUUKY 2005 -- It's happeneing!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I just wanted to post something about our meeting in ft. collins. It went really well and a ton of kids from our church showed up. Our minister was really helpful and really concerned, we're still figuring out what process to take. If you feel comfortable involving your ministers I would suggest it. It felt really good to tell him about all of the things that were going wrong. He also did not know who kathy's "boss" is or who to go to for a job evaluation- but he's going to find out for us.
Micah (sp?) had a really good idea at the meeting too. A CONstitution book. He suggested that all of the bi-lines be written out and available at every con in a binder or a huge poster. This would curb arbitrary rule-making because kids could just check the bi-lines and be like "oh, I don't actually have to go to workshops" or "oh, there is supposed to be a third gender sleeping room!"

I am so amazed by you kids, you have a lot of energy and your focusing it on making positive change. I will be around this whole year and I want to make myself as available as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask me for help on anything at all.



However, the 9th grade trip is going on right now, we should wait so EVERYBODY, get input. We should postpone the meeting

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Feeling Like a child?
Tired of being fucked around?
Angry about how things are going?
Yea I kind of figured...
Anyways, next week our youth group is having a meeting devoted to fixing CONS. Quite simply, they are not what they used to be. No longer a place for Youth to feel empowered, but rather a sleep over complete with snacks and an iron fist peeking in the door every few seconds to make sure we're asleep. It is up to us to make sure this commuinity becomes what it used to be, a commuinity of the youth, for the youth, controlled by the youth. Therefore, we need everyone's input and that means everyone who can should come to this meeting. Our youth group meets from 5 to 7 at JUC (the church where the last con was at). So come if you can.

However, i realize that a large percent of you do not live in the greater denver metro area, so i think there could possibly be some change in the time to accommidate for those who have to come up or down.

I even went so far as to think of a kind of mini sleepover devoted to reforming the CON (because really, can UUs accomplish anything in 2 hours?). This sleepover/meeting could be totally devoid of kathy and the whole structure of cons, but it would deffinitely be a con devoted to working on change, not socializing. However it would take time concerning attendance and getting food, and there would be some cost involved, I dunno, these were just my thoughts, what are yours?

If we do settle on just sunday, which, if we don't keep rehashing ideas (which can ofter happen), could be just what we need. And if you cannot make it (Salt Lake kids, New Mexico kids), your thoughts and ideas are still vital and we would input them into the discussion.

This session is for EVERYBODY. Past people who have bridged especially. We could really use your ideas because you have an idea of what CONs really used to be like (i'm talking Oliver, Raissa ect.)

NOTE : PASS THIS ON. The MDYRUU lj forum deffinitely does not cover every person in our community. SO spread the word to kids who wouldn't know. We could make the cons one again a place for YOUTH. Questions, comments, or stating what your opinion due to absenteeism, e-mail me at johnj4182@yahoo.com

JJ Hambright

P.S.: if you could tell me if you're going by thursday, thst would be nice, so we could see what we're dealing with, in terms of meeting space.

EDIT: However, the 9th grade trip is going on right now, we should wait so EVERYBODY, get input. We should postpone the meeting

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Date/Time: Apr. 10, 2005 / 9:00 am

okokok, so here it comes.
i JUST got back from the prom con, and it was friggin fantabulous!!!!!
i got to see all my friends from the ninth grade trip and meet tons of new kids. heh, i even ran in the election as spirit person.. but bob is all well known and special and won. yay bob.
will was there and his name tag said Willie Ferrie. and it made me giggle.
its funny because his full name is william robbart.. so he could be billy bob if he shortened it to nicknames... which makes me wonder why we do that? how on earth do you get bill from william? ok, i can understand bob from robbart... sorta.. i dont even know if i spelled it right... but yeah.. and how do we get the nick name peggy from margaret?!?! someone please explain that one to me.?
i met this kid names dorian, which is a name i just adore, and was pretty friggin cool. he even reminded me of dorian grey in a way. blond hair, blue eyes, boyish features. this is a cool kid.. and he wore a leather jacket and was all.. like.. hard rocker guy in makeup.. it was cool. -nod- well the prom went over pretty well. i broke me shoe.. and im wearng them for the actual prom.. so i cant tell my mom or she'll kill me... -sigh-
we danced and sang and had little yaoi chats.. there was this kid named Zane. yes. cool kid. and micah.. abd levi. they made me giggle because they were wearing dresses.and the chips a hoy song came on and its like.. 6 minutes.. and i DANCED THE ENTIRE TIME! wah and it was hot and i was hot... ot in teh sexy way.. but in like.. it was frigging a million degrees. and we were skanking and doing the charalsten and i was like. freaking out and was having a WONDERFUL time. yes.. and then JJ and i lead worship and it was cool.. but they gipped me on my game of follow the leader...
and travis wasn't there1 and i missed him.
but i got to see allie and amy and we straightened allie's hair and it was cool.. and he did phil's too and some other kids.. oh and issabelle was there! and i missed him! and he was going around dressed like a pirate.. and for prom he was a hippie. hehe. he makes me smile. OH AND MICA!!!!! shes so cute!!! is mica? or mika? meh. shes adorable. and bridging was awesome and eople were cool and im sooo tired. and i still have to write me paper for riffe. that almost ruins my mood.. stupid paper.... fuck.
a few days ago megan and jackie hung out and it was fun. yay RPing...
hey guys? "whats she packing in there?"
oh! i talked to alicia for a bit and then to jackie and she makes me happy, and i love her. and out one month is tomorrow.
i love you babe.

ohohoh! and imm get my pictures up when i get a chance. i have some really good ones.

Current mood: crazy

Sunday, April 3, 2005

11:41PM - Flashback from February anyone?

In the real picture his pants are a lot pinker... but thanks to Linux I have no idea how to use the graphics program to make it look better.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


so yeah...i haven't posted anything in here in a while...wooo. so lizzie's birthday ROCKED!!!! so hardcore. i had so much fun. lol. some bad news tho...i can't go to the next COn because i have fucking ACT's the next weekend and i have to study tons....arg. so pissed.

Current mood: disappointed

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


O.O new icon! urm...
Who's all going to the con? I know Lizzie started a thread like this but I think I was the only one who responded
Edit blahh icon dint work

Friday, December 24, 2004

10:10PM - Quivvering Messiah

Isn't there a Pokemon called Starbucks...STARBUCKS... STARBUX?

purple rain.

Current mood: Band bandaid

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


So I just noticed that I never actually introduced myself here. Oh how silly.

I'm Adrien. I'm 14. I went on the trip last year. Oh yeah, and I go to the First Universalist Church of Denver.

Am I the only one who hasn't gotten a SLC Con form yet?

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

2:51PM - you don't remember me

i joined lizzie! aren't you proud of me, cuz you are probably the only person who knows who i am on here....

i'm Katy, i'm in 11th grade and i go to high plains church in Colorado springs.

Current mood: creative

Monday, December 20, 2004


hey Lizzie, do you still have the trip commandments?

Current mood: curious

4:02AM - DAMMIT!!!!

well I'm JJ Hambright, and I'm a dumbass. The below entry was supposed to be posted on my own lj but yea, I'm a dumbass. It's funny because i ended posting my origial entry for this group journal on my own, damn i'm stupid. I'm 15 and from JUC even though they'll probably claim they have no idea who i am because, yea, I'm a dumbass
If you don't know who i am, you can visit my lj and see this same shitty post and you can laugh at me and we can be best friends or worst enemies. Whichever.

and if there is no entry bellow its because LIZZIE DELETEd. Once again, LIZZIE, might have DELETEd the BELOW ENTRY. I'm not half as crazy as some of the kids on here.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


Eric, Marie, and Adrien are now mods, because...welll...you know how it goes.

If y'all know anyone else in MDD YRUU who hasn't joined yet...forc-I mean, invite them to join.

smirks and smooches.


Edit: Oh yeah. I forgot, I'm Lizzie, I go to High Plains in Colorado Springs. I'm kind of dull and uninteresting. Oh yeah, and I have about a million clothes/accessories/whatnot that are not mine that belong to various MDD YRUU kiddos. So, if you are missing something, I probably have it (ie, Adrien's legwarmers, Lara's belt, Joe's pants...) I like baking cookies, and watching the Adventures of Pete & Pete.

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Yes, well. My name's Emily. That's my whole name. Entirely. I am 16, and I go to a church in Colorado. Near Golden. ohfuckitsINgolden. Oh well. Deal. I'm a sophie, I guess. What more do you need to know? I like long romantic dinners and walksonthebeachgodthatsoverrated. oh. i like somethingsomethingelsegeneric, too? f that.

10:16PM - hello all!

hey people! just got myself a live journal hehe

my name is Adrianna Veal
i go to JUC (Jefferson Unitarian)
and I'm a sophmore at Wheat ridge High
I went on the trip last year

SI PA PU! forever wahaha</hi>

Current mood: dorky

Friday, December 17, 2004


Ooh. I'm Allie Lubbs, I went on the ninth grade trip last year, I'm 15 and a sophomore at Longmont High... and I got to the UU Church of Boulder.

Current mood: Yay!

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